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Why modular homes are so much less expensive

Guide to building modular

    Learn why the price for modular homes is so much lower and how you can make sure that you get all the savings that you can on your new prefab home! Much has been said about how much less expensive modular homes are than standard site-built homes. Some companies will tell you that […]

Modular house comb mini

Comb series “ModulHouese” homes are manufactured in our manufacturing facility where we was inspired to design the Mini home from its firm belief that everyone should have access to an affordable and sustainable home without compromising on space or quality. Each house is prefabricated off site in a series of “panels” or “modules” allowing the […]

Mobile ice cream shop sports a facade of 1,000 cones

Patryk Lewiński for mode:lina This mobile sweets shop in Poznań, Poland is serious about its cones. Inspired by the conical shape of an ice cream cone, the store’s architects covered its facade with 1,000 white traffic cones. Mode:lina architekci—known for creating small, modular high-impact spaces—used the spiky exterior to eye-catching effect. Parts of the structure […]

Tiny house house in Tokyo is made of two skinny structures

Mount Fuji Architects via Treehuggert. Japan’s progressive zoning regulations mean that slipping a creative home onto an awkwardly small slice of property is practically a national pastime. But with an entrance measuring just six and a half feet wide, this Tokyo house from Mount Fuji Architects is odder than most. The extraordinarily slim structure faces […]